There are many important ways for all members of the community to become involved with Drug Free Charlotte County:
  • Become a member of our DFCC Coalition, come to the monthly meetings and learn the issues! 


  • Become a Youth Advocate and visit local convenience stores to check for product placement and underage sales.


  • Become involved in DFCC's Be The Wall Campaign, bringing issues of underage drinking to other adults in our community, including conducting surveys and asking adults to sign pledge cards to "be the wall between teens and alcohol" at multiple venues.


  • Become involved with our Social Norms projects by hanging posters on middle and high school campuses, providing snacks for the monthly youth meeting or hosting a monthly youth meeting.


  • Become a sponsor and host a coalition meeting at your business location, help create, design and implement a fundraiser or financially sponsor a Street Team event or a Drug-Free bus trip. You can even sponsor/mentor a student.


  • Become a Media Volunteer and take pictures at student and Be the Wall events, take videos and create and submit press releases.


  • Become an Office Volunteer and assist with mailings, data entry and filing.


  • Are you a pastor, youth pastor or church leader? Get your youth groups involved in our Street Advocacy or Peer Educator programs or other activites such as picketing, flash mobs, Kick Butts Day, World No Tocacco Day and more. Or our Street Team can come to your youth group.


  • Invite us to your business... we¹ll bring a Brown Bag of any of our initiatives to your staff.